WEEK 12:Reflecting on your learning over the past 12 weeks

October 1, 2009

    From the past 12 weeks study, I learnt the organizational change is not always 100% success, sometimes it comes with failure. However with the pressure of market competition, technology updates frequently and organization’s own growth needs, change may fail, but without change organization can not survive.Therefore, know how to change in what way to change is very important .  And the Chapter I chose to resonated is Chapter 8

    Throughout this chapter studying, I have fully understood three further approaches to change mentioned in this chapter which are change management, contingency and processual approaches. Typically, the change management and contingency is linked to the director image and the processual approach is linked to the navigator image.

Change Management

Change management approaches focus on strategic, planned and usually large-scale organizational change. Currently change management includes both organizational change management processes and individual change management models. This approach needs organizations to ensure the organizational change effort is successful, including to ensure a clear vision and goals for project, and to modify systems in the organization to more effectively achieve the goals. In additional, change management activities can range a planned, structured and explicit approach to unplanned and implicit.


The contingency approaches represent another variant of change management approaches. This approach performs as director image which they maintain that successful organizational changes outcomes can be achieved. This contingency approach to management is based on the idea that there is no one best way to manage and that to be effective, planning, organizing, leading and controlling must be tailored to the particular situations faced by an organization.

Processual approach

The processual approach vies change as the continuous, often political process. The way change unfolds is contextual and its outcomes are the result of complex interplay of different interests. This approach usually uses in providing analysis and understanding of changes

  This chapter states the organizational change can not be rush and it has to be in order and need a detail plan in order to implementation. And by implement a right tool of change management organization will definitely gain enhance change process in order to sustain competitive advantage.



Week 11:Outline and discuss the value of contingency approach to change?

September 24, 2009

  As global economy crisis last year, lots of companies suddenly shut down or meet the bankrupt, so the world is always changing. IBM used to the world largest PC seller but today it changes its direction to logistics and sold its PC department to Lenovo. Therefore, when Lenovo merger the PC department of IBM, the entire Lenovo management would have to change and it need to use global strategy. As the time pass by, changes happens everyday. To have a career in IT industry was used to be the hottest job, but right now it is not as hot as before, so people have to change something in order to suit trends. Same as organizations, 40 years age Honda produce only motorcycles, but as less people ride a motorcycle Honda concentrate on family car now. Sony is a typical contingency approach when it hires Howard Stringer as its CEO instead of the Japanese CEO tradition in Sony (Stahl, Leslie 2006)

  The core concept of contingency approach is that there is no unchangeable management which stays forever. In real management among companies, organizations’ development and changes should according to external environmental and internal conditions, nothing is immutable, and there are no universal management methods. The key to a successful management is to understand organization itself internal and external conditions then apply with a right effective response strategies. In the business environment, change management approaches provide many multi-step models of how change should proceed according to the underpinning management image (Palmer, Dunford & Akin 2009). A clever leader should be a fickle person, and he must understand different environment in different age, and timely change his leadership style. Contingency approach tells managers should constantly adjust their status and management in order to adapt to outside changes, or to put him in a suitable environment.

   When market becomes more and more mature, today organizations are in a highly competitive environment. Applying contingency approach make organization adjust itself and manage organization in right mehtods this keeps organizations on a right track, therefore it helps organization gain competitiveness and advantages in today’s highly competitive market. Therefore making a contingency approach is more effective to get a successful change



Stahl, Leslie. “Sir Howard Stringer: Sony’s Saviour?” CBS News, 8 January 2006

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Week 9:Discuss how the OD approach to change is illustrated within the DuPont case study??

September 9, 2009

      Organizational Development refers to the Organizational behavioral and it is widely applied in accordance with plans to develop, improve and strengthen the effectiveness of strategies that promote the organizational structure and process on.(Bradford, 2005) The fundamental OD approach to change as stated by Palmer, Dunford and Akin (Palmer, Dunford & Akin 2009) is described as being planned, has support from top management, is aimed at improving effectiveness, is long term, is action focused, and relies on groups and teams for focus.

   DuPont’s management use system diagnosis into all of the Du Pont Company’s systems and processes. The commitment to this process by senior management is obvious organizational development methodologies. OD approach in implementing beneficial enterprises navigation, assisting in the organization, seeking to develop the values change. Capacity and organizational capacity development of people, values and trust, promote their needs, reflect on and change identified in the case studies OD approach characteristics. According to the book, Tom Harris, who is director of DuPont, is to meet each worker’s name. It is one of the changes in OD. It helps to develop good relations between employees and employees. In addition, the management and staff to spend time each day about workplace learning, this helps DuPont to build internal relationships.

   By inviting Akins to spend time at DuPont clearly demonstrates support from the top of the organization and it is king of OD approach. Akins main priority while spending time at the plant was to provide new perspectives on work and the organisation, develop current systems and build on DuPont’s strengths to improve operations for all (Palmer, Dunford & Akin 2009). Through his help, DuPont implement changes to get meaningful decision-making methods companies. Case study pointed out that Tom and other management personnel have learned NASCAR analogy, they get improved and can work from existing teams understand the changes through their communication.  Therefore Akins’s invitation is useful to DuPont and this is another OD approach used in company



Bradford, D.L. & Burke, W.W.(eds), 2005, Reinventing Organization Development. San Francisco: Pfeiffer

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Week 8:Which of the below signs of resistance do you think is the most difficult to manage? Why?

September 2, 2009

   Among Lack of conviction that change is needed, dislike of change, belief that timing is wrong, I think the most difficult signs of resistance to manage is dislike of change. If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less (Palmer et. al. 2009,).  Dislike of change is inside people’s minds, other signs of resistance such as lack of conviction can be changed with participation and involvement, or education and communication (Palmer et. al. 2009, p. 173).


    Resistance involving affective, behavioral, and cognitive components(Hayes, John, 2002). And dislike of change inside a person consists with all of these three components. Organizational change is to change the corporate current status in order to achieve future goals of company, which means that change itself is full of uncertainty. Therefore Changes lead to the personal sense of insecurity and fear to their career life. Organization change is also a threat to personal benefits. In organizational Change, part of employees will have to work in a position not as high as before as well as their income and other benefits and this kind of employees would definitely dislike of change. And when organizational change conflictswith staffs’ personal habits, values change will lead to staff resistance to organizational change. Personal habits, values are long-term accumulation of person social experience; they are relatively difficult to change them. Once the change of organizational impact to personal habits and values, resistance to change will be created.When organizational change apply to single person dislike of change will be introduced as a fear of employee which is a natural response to worry about breaking existing life.


 As lack of conviction can be changed by management inspiration of morale to staff, belief that the timing is wrong can be changed with a good performance of organization change. It is very hard to change a person’s natural reaction and individual habbits which is dislike of change, dislike of change is definitely the most difficult signs of resistance

Palmer, I, Dunford, R & Akin, G 2009, Managing organisational change, 2nd edn, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Sydney.

Hayes, John (2002), Theory & practice of change management, McMillan

Week 7:Boeing case study

August 25, 2009

     Boeing company is the largest aircrafts’ producer in the world. Boeing’s circumstances in 2003 were unsatisfied and by the time company was in big trouble. “ From a stock price that had decreased by 6.5 percent while the company was under Phil Condit’s leadership to increasing competitive pressures, the future for Boeing was in doubt and changes were needed.” (Palmer, Dunford & Akin 2009, p. 153). This situation is due to a variety of factors, most of them are caused by the less effective implementation of strategic decisions. Many of them were decided to improve manufacturing efficiency, information technology coherence, as well as product line diversification. As a results the changes of Boeing company caused many problem which were not expected and they were ahead of the benefits and profits

    The diagnostic tool I chose to identify Boeing Company’s problem is 7-S framework.7-s framework “is based on the propositions that organizational effectiveness comes from the effectiveness comes from the interaction of multiple factors and that successful change requires attention to the interconnectedness of the variables” (Palmer et al 2009, p. 124). “The 7-S Framework of McKinsey is a management model that describes 7 factors to organize a company in an holistic and effective way”.(Ethan M. Rasiel,2001)The framework focuses on seven major categories of factors in an organization, they are: structure, strategy, systems, style, staff, skills, and superordinate goals.7-S framework has been praised and applied widely mostly about its effectiveness in strategy alignment.(Shadrack Lepuru,2002).

    By using 7-s framework   structure, strategy, systems, style, staff, skills, and superordinate goals they will change Beoing’s trouble From strategy prospective : Beoing Company seems like with not a clear goal, therefore set up a clear strategy for company will be necessary this will indicate the company s future.From structure prospective Beoing’s management need to have more commuications with its employees in order to know company problems occur in time and more collaboration between them will be needed.From style propective:”Boeing’s failures was the lack of consideration of the cultural implications of diversification within the company” (Palmer et al 2009, p. 154).Boeing Company is successfully merged with McDonnell Douglas and other organization, therefore how to mix diferent cultures which inside different companies Boeing merged with.From Staff propective: several times CEO has been changed and Employees’ moral is extremely demoralizing. Therefore, the Boeing Company has to encourage employees in doing their best.And superordinate goals for Boeing Company is to deal with relationships between CEO and employees this could aviod lots of problems that company would happen.

    Overview, using 7-s framework could  increase staff morale and skills they will transfer Boeing into a more efficient and diversified company.


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Week 5:Example of reputational and credibility social in Exxonmobils’ response

August 5, 2009

“ExxonMobil are the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and Gas Company, providing energy that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the world.” (ExxonMobil, 2009)
But in March 24, 1989, the U.S. oil giant Exxon’s oil ship Valdez struck rocks near the Prince William Bay in Alaska(Graham, Sarah,2003), more than 800 million gallons of crude oil leaked, forming a width of 1 km, up to 8 kilometers with the floating oil. Over there are many rich fish, dolphins, seals groups. After the accident, a large number of fish killed and the shore Stained with oil, oil-stained rocks also. Pure ecological environment have been seriously damaged, the nearby waters of the aquaculture industry has been greatly damaged
At first Exxon was extremely neglected the influence of the accident. Exxon neither did investigation in the cause of the accident, nor to take timely and effective measures to clean up the oil spill. And with no apologize to Canada and the United States local government. In this regard, the American, Canadian local governments and environmental organizations were unsatisfied. Journalists from all over the states came to report this accident. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, film studio news media, all kinds of media had been used and gave Exxon extreme stress.
In the reputational and credibility pressures of the company image, Exxon was forced to take the initiative to strike a balance. In cleaning fee Exxon alone paid millions dollars. Together with other claims, fines, Exxon was fined more than 500 million dollars, and Exxon’s image has suffered serious damage, Exxon’s regular customers from Western Europe and the United States boycotted Exxon’ products.
Exxon Group used to have large-scale investment in public welfare in United States, because Exxon Group underestimating of this accident, its past contribution to society had been eliminated.
If Exxon take positive response to this accident in time, the damage of its reputation and credit would not be so serious and visibility of this accident could be minimize.
A good image of a company is very difficult to establish, but it is very easy to destroy, and sometimes even a little small mistakes can be denied out of all its credit and reputation.

Exxon Mobil 2009
Assessed at 25/07/2009

Graham, Sarah (2003-12-19). “Environmental Effects of Exxon Valdez Spill Still Being Felt
Assessed at 25/07/2009

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July 24, 2009

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When its the time

February 25, 2009
    2009 the year of ox.  a new year and ~~ a new start.
    " wats done is done"  opps i gotta lots of thing s to learn to gain Most important, i gotta conduct my life like a real big ship may be a battleship in the sea, past 5 years i was like a non-sail boat in a huge ocean, this isnt gud its terrible, right now i tell myself "just do it"
   By the way  i ve got a vehicle on the ground~~~XD


September 29, 2008
     雨,又开始下了,时大时小,断断续续,就像我那已经克制不住地对家,对故土的思念 连连绵绵。
     那次在朋友家外晒太阳,看见一架飞机飞过头顶后 突然就感觉多么希望我坐在那架飞机上 而那架飞机的目的地是:上海。
    “每逢佳节倍思亲” 在外面久了 不必佳节亦思亲 其实距上次的航班时间不过半年多
    照照镜子 该死的眼袋 脸早就没了表情 有点自我感觉良好的我 发觉我已经一无所有 该挥霍得我都挥霍了 金钱和时间 一样都不少。甚至还赔上了我的青春,哎,天凉好个秋。
   总结下这5年的失败,原因就是:我最不懂的就是珍惜自己。亡羊补牢,never late。
   我决定好好尊重自己。 从2008年9月30日 晚8点开始

长大了吗? Just freaky realised im nearly 22 years old alrdy~~~~~

June 24, 2008
    断断续续的雨 忽大忽小 一刻的阳光盖不了连续的阴天
    7分钟的路 绵绵的雨只陪了我3/7
    又一次准时地错过了一班火车 再一次坐在车站里15分钟的等待 看着灰灰的天 想到了在天上的你